L.G. Construction

Residential Exterior Remodeling

Exterior maintenance is what protects your largest investment—your home.

There are a number of reasons to revamp the outside of your home. Maybe you’re tired of the color or the style of siding. Your windows are drafty or just outdated. Your roof is deteriorating and beginning to leak. Maybe you just need an extra room for the grandkids.

Sometimes you just need a change. Altering the look of your home can feel like living in a new house while at the same time increasing its life for decades. You can go from a Colonial style to a Victorian, from a Santa Fe to a sleek modern house, all by simply redesigning and remodeling the exterior.

Exterior maintenance includes:

  • New roofs: We do all kinds of roofs, from asphalt shingles to wood shakes to tile. Changing the color or style of roof can have a dramatic effect on the look of the house.
  • New Siding: We do brick, rock, and wood siding. If your budget is a bit tight, vinyl siding may be the way to go. We do it all and we can help you decide the right look.
  • Painting: Maybe you want a modest taupe or a regal burgundy. With the help of color palettes we keep in our show room, you’ll certainly find the right way to present your house to your neighbors.
  • New Windows: A drafty window can add hundreds of dollars to your heating and cooling bills in the span of a year. We do all types, styles, and sizes of window, from wooden sashes to vinyl.
  • New Doors: Like windows, doors keep you warm and safe. You may find that you want a totally different style than what you’ve had for years. We do them all.

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